We have gathered a collection of cool pages about cone snails, their venom and general marine life. Dive in to learn more about this exciting field!

Shell shorting by HHMI

Cool interactive teaching activity by Howard Hughes Medical institute (HHMI) about shell shorting. You can navigate around the page to find more nice teaching materials.

“Havet i skolen”

Danish search platform with a large collection of danish teaching materials on marine life.

Shell collection site

Conchology is run by Guido T. Poppe & Philippe Poppe. Here it is possible to find nice pictures of cone snails and to buy shells.

“From Venom to Drug”

Lecture “From Venom to Drug” by Baldomero M. Olivera, PhD. The lecture gives a great overview of the field of cone snail research and its medical application.

“Killer Cures”

A series of videos on youtube by Dylan Taylor about cone snails, their application as drug leads and interviews with scientists.

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